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Experience a unique and robust interpretation of the Arthurian Legends as they are revitalized with intriguing twists in this historical drama. Catch The Winter King as an exclusive on MGM+ starting from August 20, 2023. Please note that the geographical limitations mean that this exciting new series can only be accessed within the United States. This article will tell you every detail on where you can watch The Winter King for free.

The Winter King serves as a television series adapted from Bernard Cornwell’s collection of books titled The Warlord Chronicles. The show recounts the story of King Arthur, presented from the viewpoint of Derfel Cadarn, a once orphaned youth nurtured by Merlin and subsequently rising to the role of one of Arthur’s key commanders.

Where to Watch The Winter King For Free?

For an effortless opportunity to enjoy The Winter King for free, consider signing up for a complimentary trial of MGM+. This straightforward method offers the convenience of watching the series free of charge. Newcomers have the chance to register for a 7-day trial of MGM+, providing ample time to catch the initial episode without any expense. Following the trial period, a subscription to MGM+ is required at a monthly fee of $5.99.

If you are living outside USA you may need a VPN to watch The Winter King on MGM+.

Release Date of The Winter King

The Winter King will be released on August 20, 2023, in the United States on MGM+. It will air weekly on the streaming service. The show will also be released in the UK on ITVX, but the release date has not yet been announced.

What is the Storyline of The Winter King?

The tale of The Winter King is recounted through the perspective of Derfel Cadarn, originally a Saxon but nurtured within the Celtic Britons’ community. As one of Merlin’s young wards, he climbs the ranks to become a respected officer in King Arthur’s service.

Taking place in the cold expanse of the fifth-century landscape, where warring groups and factions vied for dominance in a time when life was often short-lived, The Winter King showcases a period predating Britain’s unification. King Arthur Pendragon ruled during this pivotal era in the nation’s emergence, gradually attaining legendary status as centuries passed.

The storyline follows his remarkable evolution from a societal outcast to a formidable warrior and revered leader. In a preview of events, Arthur receives a revelation that he must return to his homeland to fulfill his divine destiny, driven by the gods’ intentions and his unique ability to rescue Britain.

The Winter King Trailer

A devout individual who formerly embraced the role of a warrior narrates the story of Arthur’s ascent to authority as a military commander, despite the uncertainties surrounding the legitimacy of his throne.

The Winter King Cast

Arthur PendragonIain De Caestecker
MerlinAngel Coulby
Morgana PendragonEmily Coates
Uther PendragonBernard Hill
VortigernJames Purefoy
GuinevereRebecca Front
LancelotJamie Blackley
GawainKingsley Ben-Adir
IgraineCatherine Walker
MorgauseAthena Strates

Summing It Up

The conclusion of The Winter King accentuates the recurring cycle of power conflicts and humanity’s inherent desire for stability. Arthur’s successful consolidation of Britain and his ultimate victory over Mordred shed light on the mixed emotions that accompany triumph. His compelling leadership and close connection with Derfel emphasize the influential role camaraderie plays in shaping history. The ending underscores Arthur’s dual qualities – resolute yet compassionate. The temporary unity of his rule serves as a reminder of fleeting greatness, symbolizing the ongoing struggle between order and chaos and the reverberation of past deeds. It highlights the enduring legacy of leadership, the intricate nature of heroism, and the timeless appeal of the Arthurian legend.

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