Best Thursday Night TV Shows in 2023

Thursday Night TV Shows

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Thursday nights are like the reliable old friend of television—maybe not as flashy as they used to be, but still a trustworthy companion for a good time. In 2023, the TV lineup on Thursdays remains a go-to for many viewers, offering a mix of long-standing favorites and promising newcomers. If you’re a fan of the classics, you’ll find comfort in the familiar faces of shows like Beat Bobby Flay and Celebrity Game Face. They’ve made a smooth transition to Thursdays, becoming a staple for those looking for some entertaining, unscripted action towards the end of the week. It’s like they’ve found their sweet spot in the last half of the week, ready to be your weekly dose of excitement. Today, we are going to discuss Thursday Night TV Shows.

Top 3 Thursday Night TV Shows in 2023

But wait, there’s more! The Thursday night scene has welcomed some fresh blood as well. Love & Death and Mrs. Davis are the cool, new kids on the block, adding a dose of intrigue and drama to your Thursday evenings. They’re the ones to watch if you’re looking for something different and exciting.

And let’s not forget the laughter-makers. Young Sheldon and Ghosts are there to tickle your funny bone just in time for the impending weekend. Laughter is always a good way to kick off the end of the week, right?

Thursday Night TV Shows

So Help Me Todd

This show, featuring Marcia Gay Harden, Skylar Astin, Madeline Wise, Tristen Winger, and Inga Schlingmann, made its debut on September 29, 2022. Have you caught it? What’s your take on it?


With Rose McIver, Utkarsh Ambudkar, Brandon Scott Jones, Richie Moriarty, and Danielle Pinnock leading the cast, Ghosts premiered on October 7, 2021. Comedy and ghosts—sounds like a winning combo. What’s your opinion?

The Golden Bachelor

A newbie to the Thursday scene, this show premiered on September 28, 2023. Fresh out of the gate, it’s looking for its spot in the hearts of viewers. Will it make it to your watchlist?

To Wrap it all Up

In 2023, Thursday nights remain a reliable TV haven, blending long-standing favorites and exciting newcomers. Classics like Beat Bobby Flay and Celebrity Game Face find their stride, offering a consistent dose of unscripted fun. Newcomers Love & Death and Mrs. Davis bring intrigue and drama, while comedy duo Young Sheldon and Ghosts keep the laughs rolling in.

Exploring the top three Thursday night shows of 2023—So Help Me Todd, Ghosts, and The Golden Bachelor—we encounter a mix of talent and fresh faces. So Help Me Todd, with its stellar cast led by Marcia Gay Harden, debuted in 2022. Ghosts, featuring Rose McIver and company, has been a staple since 2021. The Golden Bachelor, a newcomer as of September 28, 2023, aims to carve its niche.

As Thursday nights unfold, 2023 promises a dynamic TV landscape, offering something for every palate. So, whether you’re into the familiar or crave a dose of novelty, laughter, or drama, buckle up for a diverse and entertaining ride!

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