Analyzing the Budget of the ‘One Piece’ Live-Action Series

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Although Netflix has faced varying degrees of success with live-action adaptations of anime, the streaming giant is fully committed to its rendition of One Piece. For the first time in a live-action format, Monkey D. Luffy (portrayed by Iñaki Godoy) and his band of benevolent pirates will embark on a journey into the Grand Line in pursuit of the elusive One Piece treasure. The ongoing adventure, spanning well over a thousand episodes in the beloved anime series, will be condensed into the first season of the Netflix adaptation. Fans of the animated show, with its extensive history, understandably express reservations about the transition to live-action.

Netflix’s track record in transforming anime into live-action, exemplified by the 2017 Death Note movie and the 2021 Cowboy Bebop series lasting only one season, has not been stellar, fostering skepticism among viewers. Despite the critical backlash and modest viewership of these previous attempts, Netflix remains confident in its approach to adapting One Piece. This confidence is reflected in the substantial budget allocated to the series, positioning it as one of the most expensive productions ever undertaken by the streaming service.

Breaking Down the Budget for Netflix’s Live-Action Adaptation of One Piece

The live-action adaptation of One Piece on Netflix is reportedly allocated a substantial budget of $18 million per episode, making it one of the most expensive productions in television history. To provide a comparative perspective, One Piece surpasses the per-episode budgets of renowned shows like The Sandman, See, Game of Thrones, and The Mandalorian, all of which are set at $15 million per episode. Notably, there are a few shows with higher budgets than One Piece, such as The Pacific and House of the Dragon at $20 million per episode, WandaVision at $25 million per episode, Stranger Things at $30 million per episode, and The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power at a staggering $58 million per episode.

The inaugural season of the Netflix series is scheduled to consist of eight episodes. With an estimated budget of $18 million per episode, the first season of the live-action One Piece is projected to incur a minimum cost of $144 million. This amount surpasses the expenditures of the original anime, which, over its 20+ years on the air, has spent approximately $40 million less.


In conclusion, despite Netflix’s mixed track record in live-action anime adaptations, the ambitious leap into the world of One Piece signals a determined commitment. The iconic journey of Monkey D. Luffy and his pirate crew, navigating the Grand Line in pursuit of the legendary One Piece treasure, is set to unfold in a live-action format for the first time. While fans express understandable reservations about this transition, Netflix’s confidence, as demonstrated by the substantial budget allocated to the series, positions it as one of the most expensive productions in television history. With a projected cost of at least $144 million for the eight-episode inaugural season, the live-action One Piece series surpasses the expenditures of its animated predecessor by approximately $40 million, marking a significant investment in bringing this beloved anime to a new dimension.



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