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You couldn’t be in a better spot if you have young children in the house and were looking for information on where to watch Bluey Season 3 outside of the US. Worry not! as you can watch the show easily on Disney Plus.

Disney Plus has extended its services to a number of locations, although the library is still not accessible everywhere.

Prepare yourself for more outrageous antics from the blue heeler puppy, and follow this article through to the conclusion to learn Where to watch Bluey Season 3 US if you’re traveling outside of the United States or live outside US.

Bluey Season 3 on Disney Plus

Yes! For season 3, Bluey is prepared to debut on Disney Plus. You will be thrilled to find that Bluey season is finally making its way to streaming in the US and the UK, whether you have small children who like watching cartoons or if you are just someone who enjoys gentle learning cartoons with lessons and Australian accents.

When will Bluey Season 3 come out?

On July 12, 2023, Disney Plus will debut Season 3 of the animated series Bluey, which is popular with both children and adults. According to the most recent information, Bluey Season 3 US will include two installments of episodes.

How many Episodes in Bluey Season 3?

The bluey season 3 has 27 episodes that are now accessible on Disney+. The fresh set of episodes scheduled for July will raise the overall tally to 37, 10 less than what has been shown.

What will happen in Bluey Season 3?

The main character of the tale is Bluey, a six-year-old anthropomorphic Blue Heeler dog who is incredibly active, creative, and curious in the things she sees around her.

In addition to her mother Chilli, father Bandit, and sister Bingo, Bluey the dog lives with her family. Bingo regularly joins Bluey on her adventures. They both go on imaginative journeys, stopping at locations like Rug Island, Tickle Crabs, Fancy Restaurant, and many more.

Additional characters included in the series include more dogs from the extended family and a couple of Bluey and Bingo’s pals, each of whom is shown as a different breed of dog. enduring elements of Australian culture, the importance of play throughout childhood, and the effects of a loving family.

Where can I watch all the Episodes of Bluey Season 3 outside US?

Once season 3 is officially launched on the streaming service in July, you may view every episode of Bluey that has already been aired on Disney Pus because the first two seasons are already accessible. The ABC Kids app offers access to all of Bluey’s episodes.

Can I Watch Bluey Online for Free?

The sole exclusive outlet for Bluey outside of Australia is Disney Plus, meaning you cannot watch season 3 of Bluey for free online. The first two seasons of Bluey are available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and other online retailers. Bluey is not accessible for free streaming on any other channel.


Q: When Does bluey season 4 come out?

Bluey will return for a fourth season, although new episodes won’t likely air until the beginning of 2024. On social media, there have lately been rumors that Bluey won’t be returning for a season 4 and would stop after season 3.

Q: How many Bluey seasons are there?

Since 2018, three seasons of Bluey have been made available.

Final Verdict

For many people, especially young children, Bluey has emerged as their new favorite cartoon character. Discovering how to watch Bluey Season 3 on Disney Plus outside of the United States is a no-brainer if you have kids as well. Kids’ programming, cartoon TV shows, and movies are what Disney+ is renowned for. You should not miss the upcoming release of Bluey Season 3 on the US streaming service.



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