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American Horror Story Delicate

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American Horror Story; Delicate marks the installment of the American anthology horror TV series, American Horror Story. Set to debut, on FX on September 21 2023 this season aims to pay homage to fans while delving into the themes of love, loss and redemption. Additionally viewers can expect to see some faces from seasons making a return.

What is American Horror Story Delicate About?

American Horror Story; Delicate marks the installment of the American anthology horror television series, American Horror Story. This anticipated season is set to debut on FX on September 21 2023.

The upcoming season is described as a tribute, to the fans of the show and promises to incorporate various nods and references to previous seasons. Furthermore it aims to be the nuanced installment yet delving into profound themes such, as love, grief and finding redemption.

American Horror Story Delicate Plot

The storyline, for American Horror Story Delicate is being kept secret for now. It reportedly revolves around a group of individuals who are inexplicably drawn to a house. Rumor has it that the house is haunted by spirits of its inhabitants.

Furthermore this season aims to delve into themes such as love, loss and redemption. Creator Ryan Murphy has described it as an significant season compared to previous ones, in the series.

When Does American Horror Story Delicate Come Out?

American Horror Story: Delicate is scheduled to premiere on FX on September 21, 2023. The season will consist of 10 episodes.

Is Evan Peters in AHS Season 12?

Yes Evan Peters is confirmed to appear in the season of American Horror Story called Delicate. Peters has been a part of the shows cast. Has showcased his versatility in various roles throughout the seasons with exceptions being made for the seventh season, Roanoke.

Peters performances, on the show have captivated audiences as he effortlessly transitions from portraying a con artist in Freak Show to embodying a sadistic serial killer in Hotel. It comes as no surprise that he remains one of the cast members consistently winning over fans with his talent and presence, on screen.

Kim Kardashian in AHS

Kim Kardashian has been the subject of rumors, about her guest appearance in AHS Delicate. While there hasn’t been any confirmation from Kardashian herself regarding her involvement in the season there have been sightings of her filming on set.

Should Kardashian indeed make an appearance, in the season it would mark her debut in an acting role. Although she has had a roles in the past this would be her first time taking on a leading role.

Pepper from AHS

Pepper is an individual introduced in the season of American Horror Story, Freak Show. She portrays a woman, with microcephaly sadly confined to living within a freak show. The talented Naomi Grossman skillfully brings Pepper to life on screen. Was rightfully awarded the Critics Choice Television Award for her performance.

Pepper evokes sympathy as she endures mistreatment from those around her. Furthermore she has experienced abuse leaving lasting impacts, on her well being. Despite these hardships Pepper demonstrates strength and resilience perpetually holding onto hope in the face of adversity.

American Horror Story Delicate Cast

The character names and roles that are listed are just based on the rumors and speculation that have been circulating online. They have not been confirmed by the show’s creators.

Evan PetersUnknown
Sarah PaulsonUnknown
Kathy BatesUnknown
Angela BassettUnknown
Leslie GrossmanUnknown
Billie LourdUnknown
Emma RobertsAnna Victoria Alcott
Kim KardashianUnknown
Cara DelevingneUnknown
Macaulay CulkinUnknown
Naomi GrossmanPepper

The cast is still being announced, so this table may not be complete.

American Horror Story Delicate Trailer

The trailer for AHS Delicate has not yet been released. However, a teaser trailer was released just a day ago (Nesting). The teaser trailer features a number of creepy images and confirms the report that Kim Kardashian is coming.


AHS Delicate is sure to be a hit with fans of the show. The season promises to be a more “delicate” and personal than previous seasons, exploring themes of love, loss, and redemption. It is also expected to feature many of the show’s regulars, as well as a guest appearance by Kim Kardashian.

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