Kanye West and Partner Banned for Life After Venice Boat Incident

Kanye West and Partner Banned

Kanye West and his partner, Bianca Censori, have been banned for life due to their recent indecent exposure incident on a Venice boat. During a canal boat ride in Venice, West was photographed with his underwear down, leading to widespread criticism. In this news we’ll be telling about why Kanye West and his partner got banned after Venice boat incident.

The boating company publicly denounced the 46-year-old rapper and his 28-year-old partner for their actions and permanently banned them from using their boats again. Venezia Turismo Motoscafi, a company representative, explained that they distanced themselves from West after the incident and would have removed them from the vessel and reported them if the boat driver had noticed the indecent act.

The company also noted that the driver was unaware of the incident as a third person accompanying the couple obstructed the captain’s view. They firmly disapproved of such behavior and emphasized that Mr. West and his partner would no longer be welcome on their boats.

West and Censori have not commented on the incident, but there have been speculations that it might have been a publicity stunt to garner attention for West’s upcoming music projects.

This incident is part of a pattern of controversial behavior by West, including anti-Semitic comments made after a Miami album launch event in 2022. His social media accounts were suspended multiple times, and he faced condemnation from various quarters. West also lost brand deals and had his honorary degree revoked, with Adidas donating proceeds from his Yeezy shoes to anti-Semitism organizations. However, West recently returned to the stage in Rome, and rumors suggest a new album may be on the horizon.

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