Best New Hindi Movies On Amazon Prime

New Hindi Movies On Amazon Prime

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If you want Bollywood movies and have Amazon Prime, you are in for a deal with. Amazon Prime has many new Hindi movies so one can enjoy. The excellent element is that they typically positioned those films on the platform best 8 weeks after they’re launched in theaters.

And that is now not the whole lot – Amazon Prime maintains which include new Hindi films, so that you will always be aware about the newest and most interesting releases. Have a terrific time looking Bollywood movies with Amazon Prime.

Best New Hindi Movies on Amazon Prime

As a end result, you may not have to wait for long to see your favorite Bollywood actors. With Amazon Prime, you can have a movie night time at home. It’s like having your own mini-cinema!

Ponniyin Selvan Part 1

The movie directed by Mani Ratnam in 2022. It is set the year 968 AD and lasts for 2 hours and 46 mins. The primary actors on this film are Vikram, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, and Jayam Ravi. The tale is ready four human beings – the impulsive prince named Aditya Karikalan, the thoughtful hermit prince named Arunmozhi Varman, their distant uncle named Madhuranthakan, and the rebellion named Amarabujanga from the Pandiya vicinity.

New Hindi Movies On Amazon Prime

They end up caught up in a fight for power over the dominion for the duration of a chaotic time in the Chola Empire. In this thrilling story, there are conspiracies, political unrest, and wars occurring. Only one man or woman may be a success in their quest for energy and ambition.

V Hindi Movie

Things take a nasty turn inside the 2020 mystery film directed by Mohana Krishna Indraganti, with a duration of 2 hours and 4 minutes. While a serial assassin challenges Aditya, the deputy commissioner of Hyderabad. This effective film, rated TV-MA for mature audiences, stars Nani, Sudheer Babu, and Nivetha Thomas in main components. As the plot progresses, Aditya is thrown right into a high-stakes hunt to locate the serial killer, racing against the clock to avoid four extra killings and discover a deep-rooted conspiracy that threatens the metropolis’s safety.


A strong and emotional story develops within the 2020 film directed by Anubhav Sushila Sinha, which has a length of 2 hours and 21 mins. Gracy Bitin Goswami, Manju Gupta, and Sandeep Yadav play good sized elements inside the movie.

New Hindi Movies On Amazon Prime

When Amrita Sandhu’s husband, Vikram Sabharwal, publicly humiliates her at a party, he refuses to apologise, and her visitors encourage her to “circulate on.” However, Amrita, who is critically impacted by way of the prevalence, interprets it as a caution to defend herself. What follows is a shifting account of a difficult divorce and a custody warfare for her unborn child, with a focus on resilience and self-upkeep.

Shakuntala Devi

“Shakuntala Devi,” directed by Anu Menon and is released in 2020, is a 2 hour and 7 minute biographical drama. It is rated PG-13. Stars Vidya Balan, Sanya Malhotra, Jisshu Sengupta, and Amit Sadh amongst others. The movie, co-written with the aid of Anu Menon, Nayanika Mahtani, and Ishita Moitra, portrays the outstanding mathematician Shakuntala Devi, dubbed the “human pc.”

New Hindi Movies On Amazon Prime

This charming movie now not most effective seems into her tremendous profession. However, also offers an intimate view into her existence as a unfastened-spirited mom. Making it a need-to-see for Ladies in STEM and everybody seeking out an inspiring and heartwarming story.

To Wrap it all Up

For Bollywood lovers, Amazon Prime has a treasure trove of the contemporary and exceptional Hindi films. Because the web site adds new films just eight weeks following their theatrical debuts. You won’t wait long to look your favourite stars in movement.

You can layout your house theatre enjoy with Amazon Prime, making film nights a breeze. From the huge historical drama “Ponniyin Selvan Part 1.” To the suspenseful mystery “V Hindi Movie.” The emotionally extreme “Thappad,” there may be some thing for every person. Don’t miss “Shakuntala Devi,” a biographical drama that not best honours a first rate mathematician however also offers a pleasing peek into her existence as a free-spirited mom, making it a must-see for all of us.

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