Murder She Baked Movies in Order Chronologically

Murder She Baked Movies in Order

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The “Murder, She Baked” movies are a beloved series of made-for-television movies primarily based on the relaxed mystery novels by Joanne Fluke. Centered around the novice sleuth and gifted baker Hannah Swensen, portrayed by Alison Sweeney, those films follow her adventures in fixing crimes that seem to plague her small city of Lake Eden. Today, we are going to discuss Murder She Baked Movies in Order Chronologically.

With a great mixture of thriller, romance, and delectable baked items, those movies have garnered a devoted fanbase. Each installment features fascinating whodunits and captivating characters, making them a satisfying choice for every person who enjoys a great old-fashioned mystery with a dash of culinary flair.

All Murder She Baked Movies in a Complete Chronological Order

The first book in Joanne Fluke’s Murder She Baked series was published in 2000. These stories are cozy mysteries about a woman named Hannah Swensen who works as a baker in a small town and eventually becomes a detective. There were sixteen volumes in this series as of 2021.

Then, they produced TV films based on these works. There are five of them, and from 2015 to 2017, they were all broadcast on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel. Alison Sweeney portrayed Hannah Swensen in these films.

Murder She Baked Movies in Order

Murder She Baked: A Chocolate Chip Mystery

The first film, “Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder,” turned in 2015 and is based totally on the first ebook, “Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder.” It introduces us to Hannah Swensen and her small-town existence, in addition to her buddies and family, including Lisa, who is murdered in the movie.

Hannah’s existence is turned the other way up when her buddy Lisa is murdered, and the best proof is a half-eaten chocolate chip cookie. Hannah comes to a decision to music out the assassin and clear her call. Detective Mike Kingston is on the case, however, Hannah believes she is capable of doing higher. She conducts her very own studies and finds Lisa’s secret. Despite their preliminary conflicts, Hannah and Mike turn out to be closer as they work together.

Murder She Baked: A Plum Pudding Mystery

The second film was launched in 2015. It is primarily based on the second e-book referred to as “Plum Pudding Murder. “ In this movie, Hannah has to reveal that she did not homicide her competitor, Claire Daniels.

Hannah didn’t feel real love for anyone till she got here across Detective Mike Kingston. They each need to get married, however, Hannah’s former boyfriend Ross suddenly suggests up and tells them that he is also getting married. Ross is currently a health practitioner and he goes to marry Claire, who’s carrying his toddler.

Ross wants Hannah to be the maximum essential character at his wedding ceremony, and she agrees. But at some point in the birthday celebration, before Ross is married, his friend Neil dies due to the fact someone gave him poison. Ross is believed to be the principal character responsible for something horrific, and Hannah and Mike are part of the forces to reveal that he failed to do it. They discover that Neil ate poisoned plum pudding.

Murder She Baked: A Peach Cobbler Mystery

Hannah thought a lot and picked Mike as opposed to Ross. She broke off her engagement with Ross.

But then, her mom, Delores, is charged with murdering her enterprise companion, Herb. They observed that Herb had handed away in his administrative center, and he had peach cobbler with him.

Hannah needs to expose that her mother did not do anything incorrect, so she reveals that Herb changed into being unfaithful to his spouse and stealing cash from the agency. The person he cheated with is Charlotte, who is the niece of Delores.

At the same time, Mike’s vintage friend, Melanie Quinn, visits the metropolis and indicates a romantic hobby in him. Hannah turns into green with envy and begins to distance herself from Mike.

Murder She Baked: Just Desserts

Len Bishop, the faculty’s instructor, is observed dead after a stay basketball game. He has been poisoned with cyanide. Hannah is determined to clear her name after coming across that Len is cheating on his wife, Pam, with a pupil referred to as Katie. He turned into additionally robbing the school of money.

When Pam is likewise observed dead, Katie turns into the top suspect. Hannah, on the other hand, no longer trusts Katie did it. She appears into it extra and discovers Pam is having an affair with the college’s caretaker, Frank.

Frank is likewise the daddy of Hannah’s ex-boyfriend, Ross. Ross arrives in town to assist Hannah with the inquiry. Ross and Hannah reconcile ultimately.

Sweet Revenge: A Hannah Swensen Mystery

Hannah and Mike are planning to get married. But first, they should solve any other mystery. Avery Clarkson, who owns the bakery in which Hannah works, has been discovered lifeless. She ate a cupcake that she made herself and it made her ill.

Hannah desires to show her innocence and reveals that Avery turned into having a mystery affair with her husband’s business associate, Jordan. Avery turned into taking cash from their enterprise without permission.

When Dirk is also observed dead, Jordan becomes the primary character suspected of inflicting it. But Hannah isn’t always certain if Jordan is the person who committed the crime. She continues searching into it and unearths out that Dirk turned into dishonest his accomplice along with his secretary, Tina.

To Wrap it all Up

The “Murder, She Baked” movies, which are inspired by way of Joanne Fluke’s cozy thriller novels, have gained a loyal organization of fans because of their blend of suspense, love testimonies, and tasty cakes. The show is set by a girl named Hannah Swensen who likes to clear up mysteries and bake. Fans of the show have virtually enjoyed looking at it. The collection began with the primary e-book in 2000, and now there are 16 books in total.

Transitioning to TV gave us five films, the primary one being “Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder” in 2015. These films showed us Hannah, her life in a small metropolis, and how she is ideal at fixing crimes. Hannah’s investigations had been made extra interesting via Detective Mike Kingston. They also began to fall in love with each other.

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