3 Movies Like Scarface to Re-Watch in 2023

Movies Like Scarface

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Rich gangster movies are fun movies about rich criminals. They exhibit how these criminals stay simple, even though they interact in unlawful sports. In these films, we take a look at the characters handling power, betrayal, and attractiveness in forbidden moves. These movies have exciting tales, appealing visuals, and likable characters. These tales are not just a laugh, however, additionally teach us about the outcomes of seeking to get wealthy in a bent or illegal way. Many humans enjoy watching those movies oftentimes. Today, we are going to discuss 3 Movies Like Scarface to Re-Watch in 2023.

Movies like Scarface

“Scarface” is a popular crime film directed by Brian De Palma. This is a story about a pretend drug leader named Tony Montana, who is acted by Al Pacino. The story is about a man who starts as a poor refugee from Cuba in 1980s Miami. It then shows his journey leading up to a significant fight he has with the police.

The movie “Scarface” is famous for its flashy style from the 1980s and a lot of violent scenes. Al Pacino is great at acting as the gangster. Tony begins at the lowest point and becomes the most powerful leader in the drug business in Miami. However, his desire for more ends up destroying everything.

Movies Like Scarface

This movie is like a new and updated version of a film that was made in 1932 and has the same title. This text was written by Oliver Stone and includes talented actors such as Michelle Pfeiffer, Steven Bauer, Robert Loggia, and F. Murray Abraham is a very successful actor. Many people still really like this crime movie.


“Goodfellas,” a movie using Martin Scorsese, tells a tale approximately a member of the mafia. What makes it precise is that it’s based on a real person.

This story is based totally on a real event described in a book called “Wiseguy” with the aid of Nicholas Pileggi. The film tells the story of Henry Hill, acted by way of Ray Liotta, who commenced his adventure as a young guy in Brooklyn and subsequently joined the mafia. The textual content is ready for a person’s existence, his hard marriage to Karen, portrayed via Lorraine Bracco, and how his cocaine dependency brought about his downfall. Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci are also in the movie, which means that the cast is simply excellent. Like “The Godfather” and “Scarface,” “Goodfellas” is taken into consideration as one of the best crime movies ever made.

Movies Like Scarface

The movie “Goodfellas” was nominated for six Academy Awards, and Joe Pesci won one for his position as a hot-headed gangster named Tommy DeVito. He is well-known for the scene where he asks “How am I funny. “ that everybody recalls.

Once Upon a Time in America

When talking about crime stories during Prohibition (when alcohol was banned), “Once Upon a Time in America” by Sergio Leone is a very popular and grand one.

The movie is about the life of two friends named Noodles and Max. It is based on a book by Harry Grey. In the movie, Noodles is played by Robert De Niro and Scott Tiler, and Max is played by James Woods and Rusty Jacobs. The story begins when they were children living in a Jewish neighborhood in Manhattan. It follows their journey as they become significant gangsters. This is a story about friendship and betrayal in a country that is going through changes. The story mostly focuses on Noodles and his memories of the past and the things he wishes he could do differently.

“Once Upon a Time in America” was a movie that Sergio Leone loved and it was the final movie he worked on. In Europe, there is a version of something that lasts about four hours, and people enjoy it. But in America, they created a shorter version that is not as good. The longer version of something received a great review from a well-known movie critic, Roger Ebert. However, the shorter version was criticized by him and referred to as a complete disaster.

Carlito’s Way

Ten years after creating the movie “Scarface,” Brian De Palma and Al Pacino worked together again to make another crime story set in the 1970s. However, this one is more about personal experiences. “Carlito’s Way” is a movie about a man named Carlito, played by Al Pacino, who has been a criminal for a long time. He wants to make a new start in life after his lawyer friend, Kleinfeld (Sean Penn), helps him to get released from jail. However, it is difficult because he continues to be drawn back into the world of illegal activities.

In the film, there is also a young criminal played by John Leguizamo, and Carlito’s girlfriend, who works as a dancer, played by Penelope Anne Miller. Even though Carlito wants a calm and uncomplicated life in the Caribbean, there are constant events that make it difficult for him to move on from his previous life.

“Carlito’s Way” didn’t receive good reviews initially, and it wasn’t viewed by many people in cinemas. But as time passed, more and more people came to like it, and now it is considered a cult movie, especially for people who enjoy crime stories.

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