3 Movies Like Lolita to Re-Watch in 2023

Movies Like Lolita

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The movie “Lolita,” made in 1997 and directed by Adrian Lyne, deals with a difficult subject. This story is based on a book by Vladimir Nabokov. It’s about a man named Humbert who falls in love with a young girl named Lolita. In the movie, Humbert is played by Jeremy Irons, and Lolita is played by Dominique Swain. The movie takes place in America during the 1950s and it portrays Humbert’s growing obsession with Lolita, who is significantly younger than him. Many people enjoyed the performances in the movie, but it also made many people feel uneasy because of the challenging topic. It helps you consider the unpleasant aspects of love. Today, we are going to discuss 3 Movies Like Lolita To Re-Watch in 2023.

Movies Like Lolita


This movie, with Jeremy Irons as the lead actor, is very much like “Lolita. “ It is a nicely-made movie that examines a particular fashion, which may be a chunk dull and direct, and it is an extreme drama. The director, Louis Malle, is well-known for making films about romance and intimacy, just like his works consisting of “Les Amants,” “Pretty Baby,” and “Heart Breath. “

Movies Like Lolita

This movie is about a girl who had a simply sad lifestyle due to the fact her brother died through his hand, and she cherished him but he did not love her go back. She is going to marry the son of an essential flesh presser, but she starts offevolved a romantic relationship with a person else. Without knowing, she goes through comparable events that caused her brother’s suicide, and all of it ends with the man or woman she became speculated to marry passing away.

At the top of the film, she in the end gets it and feels calm, just like absolutely everyone else.

Stealing Beauty

“Stealing Beauty” is a film that came out in 1996 and was directed by way of Bernardo Bertolucci. This is a play or movie approximately a younger girl from America named Lucy, who is acted using Liv Tyler. Lucy goes to Italy to stay together with her mom’s pals because her mother died. She lives in a large house in Tuscany, Italy, and encounters many uncommon human beings there.

Lucy went to this house four years ago and she met a boy named Niccolo. She desires to meet him again. Lucy’s mother these days passed away, and now she is attempting to find out the identification of her biological father. She observed from her mother’s diary that she changed into made in this house in Tuscany, so she believes her dad might be still dwelling there.

While Lucy is in the house, some men display interest in her. However, Lucy is still a virgin and wants to wait until she reveals the right character for her first enjoyment.

Indecent Proposal

This movie is about two young people who love each other. Their names are Diana and David, and they are played by Demi Moore and Woody Harrelson. They recently got married, but they are having difficulties with money issues due to a difficult period in the economy. They might lose all their money.

So, they make a plan to go to Las Vegas and try to win enough money to make their dream of building a home come true. But unfortunately, things do not go smoothly, and as a result, they end up losing all the things that they had. Next, there is a very wealthy and unique man, portrayed by Robert Redford, who proposes giving them one million dollars in exchange for allowing him to spend a night with Diana.

Although they believe that this could solve their financial issues, it creates a lot of pressure on their relationship and makes them wonder how much they are willing to do for money.

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