3 Movies Like Good Boys to Re-Watch in 2023

Movies Like Good Boys

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“Good Boys” is a funny film about three 12-year-old buddies who want to go to their first kissing party. The movie indicates their humorous and heartwarming adventures. But, because they failed to understand any better, they discovered themselves in a group of wild and grown-up situations that made them develop too quickly. The film is actually humorous and additionally talks about how humans develop and face problems with their pals in bizarre and loopy situations. “Good Boys” is an absolutely funny comedy that has jokes and also makes you feel top, so human beings of every age can enjoy looking at it. Today, we are going to discuss 3 Movies like Good Boys.

Hilarious Movies like Good Boys

“Good Boys” is a well-liked movie that tells the story of three friends who are 12 years old and about to become teenagers. They are asked to come to a party where they can experience their first kiss. One of them, Max, really has feelings for a girl named Brixlie, but he doesn’t know how to kiss her. So, they choose to use Max’s dad’s flying robot camera to secretly watch a teenager and her boyfriend to understand how kissing is done. The movie is really funny and shows how awkward it can be to grow up. It’s one of the best movies made by kids in recent years.

Superbad 2007

Movies Like Good Boys

“Superbad” is a film that is just like “Good Boys. “ It tells the story of two teenagers named Seth and Evan, who are not very confident and experience uncomfortable in social conditions. The characters are portrayed by using actors Jonah Hill and Michael Cera. They need their buddies to assume they may be cool. However, just like Max, Lucas, and Thor, they are nonetheless without guilt or wrongdoing.

When they may be almost accomplished with high school and going to distinct colleges, they pick to have one amusing night of partying to make up for it. They discover some alcohol and ask women to return over, but matters do not appear the way they expected, and it results in amusing and unpredictable situations. Similar to “Good Boys,” “Superbad” is a humorous film about teens and the demanding situations they face at the same time as developing up.

The Squid & The Whale

So far, we’ve discussed movies about teenagers who are friends in school. But this movie is about teenagers who are brothers and sisters. This is a movie made by Noah Baumbach with a lot of emotion, and Wes Anderson helped make it. The film is called ‘The Squid and the Whale,’ and it tells the story of a family with parents named Bernard and Joan who are both authors.

They achieve different amounts of success, and it leads to issues in their marriage. They choose to no longer live together, which has an impact on their two sons, Walt and Frank. The film demonstrates how children handle their parent’s separation, and it does so truthfully and with the funder. It’s a movie that discusses a difficult topic in a very realistic manner.


In the same year as “Good Boys,” there may be another funny film for young adults called “Booksmart. “ It is much like “Superbad. “ Molly and Amy, played by Beanie Feldstein and Kaitlyn Dever, were superb at college. They had been universal into the correct schools, but then they determined that a number of their classmates, who failed to prioritize studying, also were given into prestigious schools.

Molly and Amy regretted no longer having amusing before, and they idea they made a mistake. So, they determined to make it up at night time before they graduated from excessive college. They desired to have four years of enjoyment in only one nighttime. It is a humorous story about having a good time with your pals.

To Wrap it all Up

“Good Boys” is a funny and heartwarming comedy about three 12-year-old friends who have fun and face different problems as they grow up. Just like in the movie, “Superbad,” where teenagers learn about life and make jokes, “The Squid and the Whale” shows how hard it is for teenagers when their parents get divorced.

Meanwhile, “Booksmart” is a funny and relatable story about two friends who have done well in school and want to have some fun before going to college. These movies, such as “Good Boys,” talk about the challenges and problems teenagers face, which makes them fun for people of all ages to watch.

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