Jeepers Creepers Movies in Order Chronologically

Jeepers Creepers Movies in Order

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The “Jeepers Creepers” movies are spooky tales about a frightening creature called the Creeper. This being only wakes up every 23 years to consume human beings. The movies are about regular humans trying to break out from a horrifying monster. Although the filmmaker has confronted some issues, there are nonetheless many individuals who enjoy watching these movies and getting scared. Today, we are going to discuss Jeepers Creepers Movies in Order Chronologically.

Jeepers Creepers Movies in Order

In the Jeepers Creepers films, the Creeper is a terrifying monster. It reanimates every 23 years to consume people, and it’s nearly difficult to stop it. The Creeper is shown as a terrifying and cruel beast. It appears to enjoy frightening and injuring its prey before killing them.

This makes the victims even more afraid. When the Creeper is on the verge of disappearing for another 23 years, it becomes extremely aggressive and will not stop hunting its victims, even if they are injured. When the drawings were discovered, folks in the movies assumed it was some type of devil worshipper. These films are fascinating and full of terror, so you should watch them in order if you enjoy that.

Jeepers Creepers 2001

In 2001, the first Jeepers Creepers movie showed us the Creeper for the first time. This is a story about college students, Trish and Darry, who’re riding again to their homeland in Florida for their holiday in spring. They observe an unusual character status out of the doors of a horrifying church, tossing what appears to be dead bodies into a pipe.

They turn out to be afraid and leave, but the character keeps following them. Then, they get away and go back to the church, in which they discover many useless bodies under it. They go to a restaurant to report to the police, and while there, they acquire a call from a lady who claims that the individual pursuing them is named the Creeper. The Creeper is a frightening creature that feasts on human beings each 23 years, but is most effective for a length of 23 days.

The brothers and sisters leave with the police, but the church begins on the hearth, and the Creeper catches them and reasons damage to the police. They visit a police station and meet a woman with psychic skills who has given them a name. The Creeper arrives at the station, murders more individuals, and kidnaps Darry.

The movie finishes with Trish getting picked up by way of her dad and mom, and we see the Creeper with Darry’s eyes in a unique hiding spot.

Jeepers Creepers 3

Jeepers Creepers 3 takes region right away after the first movie. It’s the third installment inside the collection, taking vicinity among the primary and 2D films. At night, a person named Kenny witnesses someone severing the Creeper’s hand and stealing it. After the Creeper kidnaps Darry, the sheriff and a sergeant start investigating. Gaylen, Kenny’s mother, has a vision wherein the Creeper kills Kenny the following day. She discovers the Creeper through the hand and informs the sheriff and others.

Jeepers Creepers Movies in Order

While the Creeper maintains killing cops, inclusive of the sheriff, it kidnaps Gaylen’s granddaughter Addison. Buddy, who’s irritated with the aid of this, boards the same bus that the Creeper later assaults before falling asleep.

Jeepers Creepers 2

This film takes area a few days after the first one and at some point after the 1/3 one. The Creeper, a daunting creature that likes to devour people, grabs a boy named Billy Taggart in front of his dad and brother. The Creeper additionally is going after a bus full of students and attacks them. A female named Minxie tells the opposite youngsters about a creature known as the Creeper. She explains that once it eats for 23 days, it is going to sleep.

Jeepers Creepers Movies in Order

The kids are in a hard scenario when the Creeper kidnaps the bus driving force and instructors. The Taggart family is trying to find the bus. The dad makes use of a harpoon to hit the Creeper, however, it does not die. The Creeper goes again to sleep yet again. The father is expecting something to awaken so he can take its life 23 years later and display it as an enchantment on his farm.

Jeepers Creepers: Reborn

“Jeepers Creepers: Reborn” marks a new beginning for the Jeepers Creepers films. Chase and Laine attend an awful pageant, wherein Laine starts to have bizarre glimpses of the metropolis’s terrifying legend, The Creeper. They trust that something otherworldly has lower back after 23 years and that The Creeper has back.

Jeepers Creepers Movies in Order

To Wrap it all Up

The Creeper, a horrific creature that rises every 23 years to hunt people, is the focus of the “Jeepers Creepers” films. These films follow ordinary people as they attempt to flee this terrifying monster, offering tension and dread. Despite the filmmaker’s controversies, they maintain a devoted fan base. Creeper during spring break. Jeepers Creepers 3 follows immediately after the first, while Jeepers Creepers 2 follows a few days later. “Jeepers Creepers: Reborn” reboots the franchise, presenting new characters and riddles connected to the Creeper’s reappearance, promising even more horror for fans.

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