Best Clair de Lune in Movies Ranked

Clair de Lune in Movies

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“Clair de Lune” by Claude Debussy is one of the most beautiful pieces of classical music I’ve ever heard. Originally written for the piano, it has been adapted for the orchestra and used in many movies. Let’s dive into a random Top Ten list!

Best Clair de Lune in Movies


While you might think, “Hey, Clair de Lune isn’t in Fantasia!” you’re partially right. It was initially intended for this Disney masterpiece but didn’t make the final cut. However, it was later restored as a deleted scene, which you can find on YouTube or in newer releases.

Clair de Lune in Movies

Godzilla, King of Monsters

In the epic 2018 trailer for Godzilla, Clair de Lune is used to evoke a sense of wonder. This piece fits various emotional situations, and here, it aims to inspire awe for the impending monsters. The trailer shows a lineup of monsters waiting to be unleashed on Earth, creating an oddly ominous atmosphere.

Frankie and Johnny

Clair de Lune’s romantic elements make it a good fit for sappy romance films like “Frankie and Johnny” (1991), starring Al Pacino and Michelle Pfeiffer. It plays near the end when the two characters are down but can’t stay away from each other for long. No spoilers, but it’s a sappy and romantic moment that suits the music.

Twilight Saga

The Twilight series also loves Clair de Lune, as it matches the sappy romance inherent in the storyline. Despite its trendy werewolf love angle, Twilight is essentially a sappy romantic comedy. The music appears in Twilight as Bella’s love theme and later in Eclipse, one of the sequels. Vampire love and melodrama dominate this series, and Debussy’s music fits right in as it means “moonlight” in French and “melodramatic romance” to these characters.

Everything, Everywhere All At Once

In the movie “Everything, Everywhere All at Once,” which has Jamie Lee Curtis and Michelle Yeoh in it, Debussy’s music is important in the movie’s music. Curtis acts as an IRS agent who gets special powers and becomes a danger to Yeoh’s character. Yeoh’s character is a small business owner that we support. The beginning of the song Clair de Lune sounds sad, and it is played during the early scenes with Deirdre. Afterward, the well-known middle part of the music is used to connect the characters to the music in a mysterious way.

As the story goes on, we learn that Clair de Lune represents love. Yeoh’s character brings love from a magical place and uses it to gain special abilities and beat the bad guy Deidre. Debussy was inspired to create this piece of music by a poem written by Paul Verlaine. The poem reflects the theme of the movie, where Yeoh’s character struggles to believe that she can love someone so terrible but eventually overcomes her challenges and succeeds. The music represents overcoming hate and anxiety, which makes it a great match for the film’s message of victorious love.

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