3 Best Murder Documentaries on Hulu

Murder Documentaries on Hulu

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If you like watching documentaries about real-life crimes, Hulu has a lot of them available for you to enjoy. These films are about actual crimes and the process of solving them. Crime stories have become very popular in the last decade and can be found in movies, TV shows, and podcasts that are widely available. You may have watched TV shows like Forensic Files, Making A Murderer, or Tiger King. Most often, people watch these things on cable or Netflix, but now you can also find them on Hulu. It’s an additional place where you can satisfy your interest in crime stories if you want more shows that are captivating to watch for a long period of time. Today, we are going to discuss Best Murder Documentaries on Hulu.

Murder Documentaries on Hulu

Hulu has many great crime shows and movies that will make anyone interested in famous serial killers from the 20th century happy. Here are some really good true-crime documentaries that you can watch on Hulu.


“Tickled” is an unusual documentary about a journalist named David Farrier from New Zealand. He investigates a peculiar activity called “competitive endurance tickling. ” He seeks to interview the company responsible for organizing these events, but they respond rudely. Therefore, he chooses to investigate further and gather more information. As he looks into it, he finds out that something very bad and unfriendly is happening behind these events.

Murder Documentaries on Hulu

Frank Serpico

In this documentary, they talk to the real Frank Serpico, and he gets to share his own story using his own words. You might have seen a movie called “Serpico” where Al Pacino played a character based on Frank Serpico, but that movie had some made-up parts. This documentary is all about letting Frank Serpico tell the real, true story. He used to be a police officer in New York City during the 1960s and 1970s, and he became famous for telling everyone about the big corruption happening in the police department.


After the #MeToo movement, more than 80 women spoke up and said that Harvey Weinstein, a Hollywood producer, did harmful things to them. “Untouchable” is a film that includes conversations with these women, along with well-known individuals in show business such as actress Rosanna Arquette, journalist Ronan Farrow, model Paz de la Huerta, and Caitlin Dulany. They are all discussing the things that happened to them with Weinstein. When people tell their stories, it becomes obvious that Weinstein consistently acted inappropriately, which confirms the allegations of sexual wrongdoing against him. The film also explains how Weinstein gained a lot of influence in Hollywood and how he misused that influence to do bad things.

To Wrap it all Up

Hulu has many interesting murder documentary shows that explore real crimes and the search for justice. These intense movies reveal the negative and secretive actions of people and the determination of those trying to find the truth. “Tickled” is a documentary that explores the strange world of competitive tickling and reveals unsettling information.

“Frank Serpico” is a platform that allows the true hero to tell his honest story, showing the difference between what really happened and what people may have made up. “Untouchable” discusses what happened after the #MeToo movement. It gives voice to people who have survived bad experiences and shows how a powerful person acted in a harmful way. Hulu has a bunch of shows about murders that make you think and learn about crime.

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