When does Guy fight Madara In Naruto?


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During the Fourth Great Shinobi War in Naruto: Shippuden, there was an epic fight between Might Guy and Madara Uchiha. This confrontation was so intense that Madara acknowledged Guy as the most formidable taijutsu practitioner he had ever encountered. However, after the war, Guy had to undergo a period of rehabilitation.

Might Guy is renowned as one of Konoha’s most spirited and committed shinobi. His unwavering positivity and relentless work ethic make him a reliable and inspiring individual. Additionally, he holds a deep concern for the well-being of his comrades.

Guy Vs Madara: The Epic Fight In Naruto


During the fight against Madara, Minato instructs his comrades to assist Guy and entrusts Lee with his kunai. Guy launches an Evening Elephant attack at Madara, but it is deflected by Madara’s truth-seeking ball. In a crucial move, Lee throws the kunai between Madara and Guy, and Minato employs his Flying Thunder God technique to deflect the orbs away. Gaara supports Kakashi in getting close to Madara, enabling him to use Kamui and create an opening in Madara’s defense.

In a determined effort, Guy unleashes his Evening Elephant attack again, but Madara survives. Realizing the gravity of the situation, Guy understands that he must unlock the eighth gate, known as the Gate of Death, even though he is aware that it will cost him his life.

When Lee learns of Guy’s decision, he is devastated but realizes that his sensei is making a necessary sacrifice. Memories of his training with Guy in taijutsu flood his mind. Lee reminisces about his father, who always maintained a positive attitude, despite the mockery and challenges he faced. He admired his father’s unwavering commitment as a shinobi and his dedication to training him in the ways of the ninja.

Lee reflects on his father teaching him Taijutsu and the time his father activated the Eight Gates to save him from the swordsmen of the mist, despite the fatal consequences. Returning to the present, Guy finally unlocks the eighth gate, surrounded by a crimson aura. Kakashi witnesses this transformation and recalls his father’s words, acknowledging that Guy has indeed surpassed his strength.


Guy proceeds to attack Madara with the Evening Elephant, but the toll of the eighth gate formation becomes unbearable, causing his attack to end prematurely. Madara, recognizing Guy’s remarkable strength, encourages him to continue fighting, hailing him as the “Strongest Taijutsu User” he has ever encountered.

As Guy’s body begins to disintegrate, Madara regenerates from the damage. However, before Madara can finish Guy off with a truth-seeking ball, Naruto intervenes. He kicks the orb away and proceeds to heal Guy with a touch, preventing his life force from depleting.

Final Thoughts

The fight between Guy and Madara in Naruto is nothing short of epic. It’s a showdown that showcases the pinnacle of human determination. And the incredible power that can be harnessed when one’s back is against the wall. Guy’s use of the Eight Gates and his unwavering spirit in the face of Madara’s overwhelming strength create a moment that has left an indelible mark on the Naruto series, reminding us of the boundless potential within each character.

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