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The world of One Piece has seen a few Strongest families get presented over a long time. In spite of the fact that the center in One Piece has never been on a specific sort of bloodline, Oda has drawn such a wealthy story that a few Strongest families have played vital parts over a long time.

These families have built up themselves as powerful powers that had figures commendable of regard. When it comes to quality, there are as it were a modest bunch of families that stand out on beat as the exceptionally best in One Piece.

5 Strongest Families in One Piece

Boa Family

The Boa Family as of now exists on Amazon Lily. This family is made up of the three Gorgon sisters, Boa Hancock, Boa Marigold, and Boa Sandersonia. The Gorgon sisters are fantastically effective and certainly among the most grounded to exist within the One Piece world.

Hancock could be a pleased privateer captain with a bounty of 1.659 billion berries. Her two sisters have moreover developed massively solid over the long time and, it goes without saying that this family is one of the most grounded seen in One Piece.

The Figarland Family


The Figarland Family is an outstandingly effective gathering that has as it were as of late been presented in One Piece. This family has a place in the Establishing 20 of the World Government. They are right now being driven by none other than Holy person Garling Figarland, who is likely Shanks’s exceptionally claimed father.

Shanks is additionally a part of the Figarland Family and there are likely other individuals as well that fans have not seen fair, however.

The Charlotte Family


The Charlotte Family is very effectively one of the foremost powerful families to exist within the One Piece world. This family was set up by the Yonko Enormous Mother and is completely composed of her and her children.

The Charlotte family has huge quality, such that as it were other Yonko groups can equal it. Included to that’s the truth that they are driven by one of the Four Heads of the Ocean and one can see why they are so overwhelmed.

Whitebeard’s Family


Whitebeard didn’t really have a blood-related family. Be that as it may, he obtained all the oddballs that he might discover and began calling them his claim family. Whitebeard expected the part of father and all his crewmates were his children.

Whitebeard would pass on for each single one of them and he certainly did amid the Fundamental war, when he attempted to protect Pro but fizzled. Without a doubt, typically among the most grounded One Piece families that fans have seen over a long time.

The Monkey D. Family

The Monkey D. Family is, without a doubt, the foremost noteworthy and overwhelming family that fans have seen in One Piece over a long time. This family as it were comprises three individuals at the minute, in any case, all three are especially capable. The most seasoned of the parcel is Garp, who was the Legend of the Marines and on the same level as the Privateer Lord Roger.

Winged Serpent is the pioneer of the Progressive Armed force additionally likely among the most grounded within the world right presently. Luffy, who is the most youthful part of this family has as of late gotten to be a Yonko, with the potential to develop indeed assist. Without a doubt, this family is the strongest that fans have seen in One Piece so distant and it’ll proceed to develop in terms of quality as both Winged Serpent and Luffy are still battling for amazingness on the oceans.

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