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The Visored are a group of powerful Shinigami who are captains and lieutenants in Bleach. They obtained Hollow powers after a Hollowfication Incident happened in Soul Society over a hundred years before the main events of Bleach. These people suffered the effects of Sosuke Aizen’s experiments. They gained special abilities different from the Arrancar in the series. Thankfully, Kisuke Urahara, who used to be the captain of the 12th Division, was able to make the situation better by using something he created called the Hogyoku.

As a result, because the Visored broke the rules and gained Hollow powers, they were kicked out of Soul Society and lost their positions in Bleach. This made them go back to the Human World, where they focused on getting really good at using the Hollow powers they had gained. The special abilities showed up as masks on their faces. They called themselves Visored and declared that they were enemies of Aizen. They played an important part in the Gotei 13’s fight against Aizen and the Espada during the Battle of Fake Karakura Town. The Visored members have Hollow masks that give them strong and fast abilities. This is because they used to be part of the Gotei 13.

The Strongest Visored Members In Bleach: Ranked

Mashiro Kuna

Visored Members In Bleach

Mashiro stands out as a Hakuda-style fighter with a distinctive trait of being able to sustain her Hollow mask for an extended period, nearly 15 hours, even when she is not in a state of distress. This uncommon resonance with her inner Hollow represents an unprecedented phenomenon, resulting in significant improvements in her speed, physical strength, and resilience. Notably, she possesses the capability to shatter the masks of Gillian-class Hollows, attesting to her considerable combat prowess.

Additionally, Mashiro wields Lieutenant-class Reiatsu, and her kicks unleash a potent Cero. However, it’s worth noting that her combat technique exhibits certain vulnerabilities, which contribute to her relatively lower ranking.

Lisa Yadōmaru

Lisa Yadomaru, although holding the rank of Lieutenant, is renowned for her remarkably extensive Reiryoku reserves, which are on par with those of Captain-level Shinigami. She excels in the practice of Shunpo and displays remarkable proficiency in blending her Zanpakuto-based attacks with her hand-to-hand combat expertise, with a particular emphasis on delivering formidable kicks.

Her Shikai manifests as a sizable polearm featuring a blade resembling a Monk’s spade on one end and a weighty ball on the other. When she adorns her Hollow mask, all of these attributes are significantly enhanced.

Hiyori Sarugaki

Hiyori Sarugaki is a very strong fighter who should be taken seriously as a foe. She has Lieutenant-level Reiatsu and uses a bold combat style. Unfortunately, sometimes her anger leads her to act on impulse without thinking carefully, which can result in reckless actions in combat situations without a well-planned strategy.

She is really good at fighting, both with her special sword that looks like a serrated cleaver, and with her hands. Her fighting skills become even stronger when she wears her Hollow mask. Additionally, she is very skilled at using Cero attacks, even better than other Visoreds.

Hachigen Ushoda

Hachigen Ushoda, also known as Hacchi, helped defeat the 2nd Espada, Baraggan Louisenbairn, but he is better at using special powers and making smart plans rather than fighting directly. Basically, he is someone who doesn’t like violence and finds it difficult to use a sword, move quickly, or do physically challenging activities.

However, he is very skilled in Kido and used to be a Lieutenant in the Kido Corps under Tessai Tsukabishi. He has shown skill in making strong barriers, is good at finding and hiding spiritual energy, and even uses his barriers to attack.

Rojuro Otoribashi

Visored in Bleach

Rojuro Otoribashi, known as Rose, is a formidable combatant who previously served as the Captain of the 3rd Division within the Gotei 13, a position he held prior to his involvement in the Hollowfication Incident. His proficiency with his unique weapon, the Zanpakuto, is noteworthy, particularly in its initial form resembling a gleaming whip.

Rose’s abilities are centered around the art of manipulating music to distort reality, capable of inflicting harm on his adversaries. When he harnesses his special powers, their potency increases significantly. Furthermore, he experiences a considerable boost in strength when he dons his Hollow mask, although, similar to other Visored members. He can only maintain this transformation for a limited period, typically three minutes, with the exception of Mashiro.

Love Aikawa

Visored in Bleach

Love Aikawa, once the Captain of the 7th Division within the Gotei 13, transitioned to the ranks of the Visored. Known for his keen intellect, formidable strength, and unyielding spirit in combat. Love displays remarkable tactical acumen by effectively assessing an opponent’s abilities and devising strategies to counter them. Nevertheless, his fighting style is characterized by its intensity and explosiveness.

When his Zanpakuto assumes its Shikai form, it transforms into a substantial black club, designed to be wielded with both hands. This weapon gains enhanced power and inflicts more devastating blows by harnessing the element of fire. During the Battle of Fake Karakura Town, Love demonstrated his exceptional combat prowess by taking on both the 1st Espada Coyote Starrk and Aizen. Relying solely on his distinctive sword and Hollow mask.

Kensei Muguruma

Visored in Bleach

A master in hand-to-hand combat, Kensei Muguruma. Who leads the 9th Division of the Gotei 13, possesses a Zanpakuto imbued with wind-based attributes. Kensei particularly excels in Hakuda and close-quarter confrontations. His Zanpakuto undergoes a transformation into a combat knife when in its Shikai state. With this weapon, Kensei wields the ability to manipulate air currents, launching razor-sharp blades of wind and potent energy, resulting in devastating outcomes.

Upon releasing his Bankai, the combat knife undergoes another transformation. Becoming a pair of knuckle blades that intensify the power he channels into his punches. These enhanced punches generate explosive levels of force upon impact. The augmentation of his destructive might is further magnified when he dons his Hollow mask. Propelling his abilities to entirely new levels of potency.

Shinji Hirako

Visored in Bleach

Shinji Hirako, who serves as the de facto leader of the Visored in Bleach and holds the Captain position in the 5th Division. He is a seasoned swordmaster, excelling in the art of Shunpo and Kido. He also demonstrates remarkable strategic acumen and possesses an immense Reiatsu. Moreover, his Shikai ability wields the power to distort an opponent’s perception of reality entirely. Creating an almost insurmountable challenge for defense.

His Bankai, on the other hand, is even more formidable, to the extent that its usage is strictly prohibited throughout all of Soul Society. The reason for this ban lies in the fact that his Bankai has the capability to transform allies into adversaries. Compelling his foes to mercilessly turn on each other.

Final Thoughts

The Visoreds are a unique and powerful group of characters in the world of Bleach. This article has delved into their strengths, abilities, and individual contributions, highlighting the top Visored members and what makes them some of the strongest beings in the Bleach universe. As fans of the series continue to appreciate the rich lore and dynamic characters, the Visoreds remain a fascinating and formidable part of the story.

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