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The Naruto series introduces several factions of rogue shinobi with their own ambitions targeting the Hidden Leaf Village. Among these groups in Naruto are the Seven Deadly Swordsmen, Kara, Taka, and the Sound Five, but none can rival the might of the Akatsuki.

The Akatsuki organization was originally established by Yahiko, Nagato, and Konan with the purpose of safeguarding the Village Hidden in the Rain. Following Yahiko’s demise, the group’s second iteration was formed under Nagato’s leadership to execute Madara Uchiha’s global domination scheme. Despite enduring numerous setbacks, the Akatsuki persevered over the years. Through various iterations, the Akatsuki has harbored some of the most formidable shinobi the world has ever seen, wielding jutsu that exceed the wildest imaginations.

The various members of the Akatsuki in the Naruto series can be categorized based on their sheer power and lethal prowess in shinobi combat. This updated list aims to provide a more precise reflection of the incredible capabilities of the mightiest Akatsuki members.

The Strongest Akatsuki Members In Naruto: Ranked



Hidan is primarily remembered by fans due to the pivotal role he played in Shikamaru Nara and Asuma Sarutobi’s storyline. However, his unique and intricate power of immortality set him apart as an Akatsuki member, even though he might not have been the most powerful among them.

Thanks to his immortality, Hidan didn’t necessarily need to be the most skilled combatant to emerge victorious in battle; his key to success lay in outlasting his opponents. Defeating Hidan posed a considerable challenge for Shikamaru, requiring meticulous planning and the use of inventive techniques to finally put an end to Hidan’s reign of terror. Even then, Shikamaru’s solution was to bury him.


Kakuzu became a member of the Akatsuki with a singular goal in mind – to amass more wealth. Renowned as one of the most avaricious individuals in the Shinobi World, he achieved this reputation through his impressive accomplishments. Kakuzu managed to defeat multiple Jinchuriki, such as Fuu and Yugito, and carried out the annihilation of entire villages single-handedly, without any assistance from Hidan.

His method of achieving near-immortality was quite distinctive. Kakuzu achieved this state by housing five hearts distributed throughout his body. Each of these hearts was visually represented by a mask on his body, and each mask possessed a different chakra nature. His durability was nothing short of remarkable, to the extent that not even Matatabi and Kakashi could inflict harm upon him through conventional means.


Sasori, hailing from the Hidden Sand Village, had a dual profession as both a puppet craftsman and an assassin prior to his involvement with the Akatsuki. One of his most notable assassinations was the killing of the Third Kazekage, whom Sasori subsequently transformed into a puppet. Over the years, he extended his macabre craft to include numerous individuals, including his own parents and even himself.

As a result of his transformation into a puppet at a young age, Sasori retained the appearance of a young boy. His chakra control abilities surpassed those of an ordinary ninja, allowing him to manipulate a staggering one hundred puppets concurrently. Furthermore, Sasori possessed the skill to infuse his weapons with deadly poisons and unleash countless microscopic, homing projectiles simultaneously.


Deidara’s repertoire of abilities stood out as rather unconventional, even within the Naruto franchise. His distinctive feature included having a mouth on each of his hands, and by feeding these mouths with clay, he could craft a variety of destructive explosive weaponry.

Deidara exhibited remarkable stealth and, owing to his proficiency with clay-based armaments, he engaged in battles against some of the series’ most formidable characters. His encounters with Gaara and Sasuke were particularly noteworthy, where he outmatched Gaara with ease and came close to overpowering Sasuke, albeit meeting his own demise in the process.


Konan is a special member of the first Akatsuki group who managed to survive. She has an important role in the organization, even though the other members see themselves as equals. She gave advice to Yahiko and Nagato when they were leaders of the group.

What makes Konan special is her amazing skill in putting her energy into paper. This lets her change into those pieces of paper. This special talent is a very impressive trait in the series, and it often makes her opponents not realize how powerful she really is. But when she met Obito Uchiha, she showed how strong and capable she was, proving that she could be a big danger to almost anyone if she had time to get ready.



Zetsu undeniably ranked among the most brilliant characters in the Naruto series. Identified as one of Kaguya Otsutsuki’s “offspring,” he dedicated millennia to orchestrating her resurgence. Remarkably, he inscribed certain prophecies on the Uchiha Stone, thus initiating the chain of events leading to the formation of the second generation of the Akatsuki.

In his White Zetsu form, Zetsu possessed the ability to generate a legion of clones, a force capable of swiftly overpowering their adversaries. On the other hand, Black Zetsu demonstrated the capacity to parasitize formidable individuals, to the extent that he was able to subdue Madara by attaching himself to him and executing a surprise, decisive attack.

Kisame Hoshigaki


Kisame Hoshigaki was a man whose characteristics often paralleled those of a shark. He received training from a prominent figure among the Seven Deadly Swordsmen, the previous owner of Samehada. Following his master’s self-inflicted demise, Kisame inherited the blade, gradually mastering it and acquiring the ability to willingly merge with it.

Referred to as the “Tailless Tailed Beast,” Kisame earned a reputation for possessing both the immense chakra reserves and formidable might reminiscent of a Tailed Beast, solidifying his status as one of the most formidable members in the history of the Akatsuki. His approach to combat revolved around a relentless chakra-draining technique, which allowed him to gain a brief upper hand in his confrontation with Killer B.



Orochimaru undertook extensive journeys throughout the Shinobi World and stood as one of the most knowledgeable ninjas, rivaling Hagoromo, more commonly known as the Sage of Six Paths, in his understanding of ninjutsu’s mysteries. He aligned himself with the Akatsuki to delve into their techniques, driven by his overarching ambition to achieve true immortality and attain mastery over every conceivable jutsu.

Among Orochimaru’s formidable arsenal of techniques, Edo Tensei held a prominent position, granting him the ability to resurrect formidable shinobi such as the Hokage to engage potential adversaries. Notably, Orochimaru possessed the skill to “shed” his skin, effectively escaping harm and persisting in combat using an alternative body. Furthermore, he could summon Manda, a colossal serpent, as the ultimate weapon to vanquish any opposition.



Pain embodied the reanimated remains of the notorious Yahiko, the original Akatsuki founder in the Naruto series, and under the command of the Akatsuki’s second leader, Nagato, he became a lethal instrument. With Nagato’s Rinnegan abilities, he harnessed mastery over the Six Paths of Pain, a force responsible for the demise of Jiraiya and the cataclysmic destruction of the entire Hidden Leaf Village. While nominally the second-generation Akatsuki’s leader, he was, in reality, manipulated remotely by Nagato Uzumaki.

Nagato, equipped with the capacity to manipulate gravity through the Shinra Tensei and Chibaku Tensei techniques, wielded the power of the Six Paths. This allowed him to summon formidable creatures, employ the God of Death, extract souls from individuals, transform his body into a cybernetic entity, and execute a host of other potent techniques. Had his body not suffered the ravages of decades of exertion, it’s conceivable that even Sage Mode Naruto would have found it an insurmountable challenge to defeat him.

Itachi Uchiha


Itachi Uchiha, Sasuke’s elder sibling, found himself in a dire predicament when he was compelled to execute his entire clan due to their conspiracy to overthrow the Hokage. However, he couldn’t bring himself to harm his younger brother, Sasuke, and thus chose to spare his life. Instead, he defected to the Akatsuki, all the while maintaining his role as a spy from within the organization.

Itachi was the bearer of some of the Akatsuki’s most potent ocular jutsu, harnessing the Tsukuyomi, a genjutsu technique that allowed him to manipulate space, time, and matter within a surreal world. His repertoire also encompassed the Susano’o technique, the Izanagi, and the Izanami, underscoring his position as one of the most exceptional warriors hailing from the esteemed Uchiha Clan.

Obito Uchiha


Obito, the mastermind behind the formation of the third iteration of the Akatsuki, initially led a very different life. He started as a protege of Minato, the Fourth Hokage, and was believed to have met his demise as a young shinobi. However, a twist of fate saw him rescued by Madara Uchiha and subsequently manipulated into carrying out the legendary shinobi’s schemes.

Obito Uchiha’s proficiency in genjutsu surpassed even the Kotoamatsukami, enabling him to exert prolonged control over Yagura without detection by other shinobi. His arsenal included the Rinnegan, the awakened Mangekyo Sharingan, integration of Hashirama’s cells, and a brief stint in command of the Ten-Tails. Had it not been for the concerted efforts of the Allied Shinobi Forces, Obito would likely have vanquished virtually every hero in the series.

Madara Uchiha


Madara Uchiha played a pivotal role in Zetsu’s scheme to resurrect Kaguya Otsutsuki, and interestingly, he was among the select few who possessed the potential to confront her overwhelming might. He exhibited mastery over a plethora of formidable techniques, including the Infinite Tsukiyomi, the Izanagi, the Izanami, and an array of Rinnegan-based abilities.

His advancement of the Susano’o surpassed that of any character in the series. Through the replication of this formidable creation, he effortlessly decimated the Five Kage. As the Ten-Tails jinchuriki, his power equaled that of Hagoromo Otsutsuki, positioning him as not only the mightiest Akatsuki member but also a contender for the title of the most powerful shinobi in history.

Final Thoughts

The Akatsuki, a group of formidable rogue ninjas in the Naruto universe, has left an indelible mark on the series. This article has provided a detailed exploration of the strongest Akatsuki members, showcasing their unique abilities, contributions, and why they are considered some of the most powerful antagonists in the Naruto world. As fans continue to celebrate the rich lore of Naruto, the legacy of the Akatsuki endures as a symbol of strength and complexity.

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