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The culmination of Luffy’s confrontation with Doflamingo and the commencement of their final battle in Dressrosa unfolded in episode 723 of the anime and chapter 782 of the One Piece manga. This highly anticipated and long-awaited Luffy Vs Doflamingo marked a pivotal moment in the series.

In the episode titled A Collision of Haki – Luffy vs. Doflamingo, the tension reached its peak. Doflamingo, the formidable Warlord, loomed over the fallen Trafalgar D. Water Law, seemingly poised to deliver a crushing blow to his defenseless form. However, in a dramatic turn of events, Monkey D. Luffy, the indomitable captain of the renowned Straw Hat Pirates, intervened, preventing Doflamingo from carrying out his sinister intent.

Luffy Vs Doflamingo Explained

In this episode, Law seeks vengeance for Corazon’s death by attempting to vanquish Doflamingo. Trebol intervenes to aid the weakened Doflamingo, launching an attack on Law. However, Luffy swiftly intervenes, intercepting Trebol’s advance. Doflamingo is then assailed by memories of the past, recalling how Law once mirrored him but was liberated from hatred by Corazon’s compassion. Law executes a formidable Counter Shock strike before retreating, visibly drained.


To the astonishment of Luffy and Law, Doflamingo regains his footing, revealing his capability to perform minor surgical procedures within his own body using his powers. As the warlord approaches Law, Trebol deploys his Sticky Chains to displace Luffy. Doflamingo appears poised to deliver a fatal blow to Law, intending to crush his skull underfoot. Just in time, Luffy intervenes once more, thwarting Doflamingo’s assault with a well-timed counter.

Luffy Vs Doflamingo

Doflamingo questions why Luffy intervened to save Law, prompting another attack on Law. Yet again, Luffy counters the assault. Their clash of Haoshoku Haki resonates, unleashing shockwaves in their vicinity. Trebol is stunned to realize that Luffy also wields this formidable ability.

Meanwhile, Trebol reflects on their shared history and Doflamingo’s upbringing, asserting that Luffy stands no chance against Doflamingo, given the latter’s transformation into a demon due to his upbringing, hence earning the moniker “Heavenly Demon.” Trebol reminisces about the events 31 years prior when he granted Doflamingo the power he yearned for. Doflamingo and his family faced crucifixion at the hands of an enraged mob for their status as World Nobles. Despite his father, Donquixote Homing, imploring the mob to spare his children and take his life instead, his pleas went unanswered. Doflamingo snapped, succumbing to a surge of fury and despair. This pivotal moment triggered the awakening of his dormant Conqueror Haki, causing the mob to collapse and extinguish the flames beneath his family.


Subsequently, Doflamingo confronted Trebol, Vergo, Diamante, and Pica. Trebol disclosed that Doflamingo had wielded Haki and had been chosen by destiny. Offering Doflamingo a gun and the Ito Ito no Mi, also known as the String-String Fruit, Trebol facilitated Doflamingo’s pursuit of vengeance against all those who had wronged him, including his father. Doflamingo used the firearm to tragically end his father’s life. Trebol unequivocally deemed Doflamingo as the embodiment of malevolence.

The battle between Luffy and Doflamingo rages on, characterized by a relentless exchange of blows infused with Armament Haki. Their Conqueror Haki clashes once more, with Doflamingo demonstrating a substantial advantage, propelling Luffy to the very edge of the rooftop.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Episode 723 of One Piece, featuring the intense battle between Monkey D. Luffy and Donquixote Doflamingo, is a pivotal moment in the Dressrosa Arc. The clash between these two powerful characters showcases not only their physical prowess but also their unwavering determination and the emotional stakes involved. Luffy’s relentless pursuit of justice and Doflamingo’s tyrannical rule collide in a showdown that leaves a lasting impact on the narrative of the series. This episode stands as a testament to the masterful storytelling and character development that One Piece is renowned for.

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