Boruto: 6 Darkest Abilities


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These Darkest Abilities showcased in Boruto are bound to leave a lasting impression on its audience.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is sometimes misconceived as lacking dark themes when compared to its predecessor, but this notion is far from the truth. The series contains several deeply unsettling moments capable of leaving a profound impact on its viewers.

The malevolent characters within the world of Boruto thrive on creating chaos and disorder, employing their abilities to devastating effect. In tandem with their malevolent personas, their powers also take on a decidedly Darkest and ominous Abilities. Merely witnessing these abilities in action is sufficient to send shivers coursing down the spines of the audience. Bearing this in mind, let’s explore some of the most darkest abilities featured in Boruto.

Boruto: 6 Darkest Abilities

Baryon Mode

Boruto Darkest Abilities

Baryon Mode emerges as a formidable capability harnessed by Naruto during his climactic confrontation with the formidable adversary, Isshiki Otsutsuki. This antagonist’s might significantly surpassed the combined powers of Naruto and Sasuke, pushing the two ninjas to their limits, with Isshiki’s imminent triumph looming.

The ingenious solution to this seemingly insurmountable challenge emerged from Kurama, who devised the concept and relayed it to Naruto. This innovative concept ultimately led to the inception of the Baryon Mode. The toll exacted by this form was remarkably taxing, even for brief utilization. Baryon Mode conferred a substantial enhancement to Naruto’s physical attributes. Nonetheless, it bore the onerous consequence that any incidental contact with another being would incur a rapid depletion of their life force. It’s evident that Naruto’s victory over Isshiki would have been unattainable without the intervention of Baryon Mode. However, this potent ability exacted a heavy price – the life of Kurama, Naruto’s cherished companion, and confidant, leaving the hero bereft of one of his dearest friends.

Destruction Beam

The Destructive Beam stands as a distinctive capability exclusive to Delta, a prominent figure within Kara’s ranks. It was implanted within her by Amado, endowing her with the power to unleash a chakra beam against her adversaries. Notably, the aftermath of this assault cannot be rectified through regenerative capabilities.

In principle, Delta can incapacitate formidable combatants if they venture too near. She possesses the precision to target an individual’s eyes, rendering them incapable of perceiving their surroundings. The hypothetical scenario wherein Amado applied the Destructive Beam to additional characters within Kara would have posed a formidable challenge to the organization’s foes.


Boruto Darkest Abilities

Even though Sasuke no longer possesses his prized Rinnegan, he retains the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, a Kekkei Genkai that has repeatedly demonstrated its worth. This ocular ability enables Sasuke to replicate the techniques of his adversaries and subject them to Genjutsu.

Among the eye’s most potent capabilities is Amaterasu, originally employed by Itachi Uchiha in his battle against Sasuke. Subsequent to this encounter, Sasuke unlocked the Mangekyou Sharingan and gained the ability to wield Amaterasu. In combat, Sasuke frequently deploys these inky flames, which can inflict significant harm on unsuspecting opponents. These Amaterasu flames are immune to ordinary methods of extinguishing and persist until the target is fully consumed by the fire.

True Fire of Samadhi

The True Fire of Samadhi constitutes a Fire Release technique harnessed by Kashin Koji, a creation of Amado intended for the purpose of eliminating Jigen. In the process of fabricating Kashin Koji, Amado incorporated DNA from Jiraiya, imparting this clone with a unique proclivity for combat.

Kashin Koji employed the True Fire of Samadhi against a fellow member of the Kara organization, known for their remarkable regenerative capabilities. What sets this technique apart is its remarkable swiftness in consuming its target with flames, surpassing the regenerative abilities’ capacity to keep pace. An additional advantage associated with this ability is its versatility in remote application, facilitated by utilizing objects such as kunai.

Dark Mist

The Dark Mist stands as a perilous technique wielded by Boro, a prominent Inner of the Kara organization. Characterized by its gaseous form, this mist possesses the capability to simultaneously target multiple individuals, rendering it particularly advantageous in scenarios where the user finds themselves outnumbered. The pernicious effects of this mist extend to anyone who inhales it or merely makes physical contact with it. Upon infiltrating an individual’s body, it initiates a gradual process of sapping their strength, culminating in eventual paralysis.

Remarkably, attempts to disperse the mist through wind release techniques prove futile. As it regathers at its original location after a certain period. What sets the Dark Mist apart is its resilience against absorption by Karma, making it an effective weapon against individuals endowed with this ability. Furthermore, Boro can escalate the potency of this technique by introducing gunpowder into the mix. When detonated within the mist, this addition can result in severe injuries to anyone within its vicinity at the time of the explosion.

Chakra Absorption

Boruto Darkest Abilities

Chakra represents the very life force, an indispensable element for an individual’s existence. In the absence of chakra, one’s survival is untenable. Its role in facilitating the use of ninjutsu and various other techniques renders it arguably the paramount aspect in both the Naruto and Boruto universes. As a result, any capability capable of disrupting the flow of chakra within another person’s body is inherently formidable.

In the original Naruto series, characters harnessed the formidable Rinnegan to not only absorb. And neutralize ninjutsu but also to siphon chakra directly from their targets. Such chakra depletion would often push the affected individual perilously close to the brink of death. The advent of Karma in Boruto ushered in a transformative shift. This unique power bestows upon its wielder the remarkable ability to absorb the chakra of another person. What’s more, it can assimilate any chakra-based jutsu, making it a truly extraordinary and coveted capability.

Final Thoughts

In the Boruto series, the existence of the darkest and most powerful abilities adds a layer of intrigue and complexity to the narrative. This article has delved into six of the darkest abilities featured in Boruto, offering insights into their origins, and implications. The impact on the characters and storyline. These abilities serve as a testament to the dark and thrilling aspects of the Boruto series. Adding depth to the world of ninja and shinobi.

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